What is the cheapest time to eat at Golden Corral?

5 minute read | Published: March 09, 2024

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Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat buffet chain with around 400 locations, as of this writing. Their first restaurant opened in 1973 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Golden Corral claims to be America’s #1 Buffet Restaurant and whether you agree with it or not, one thing’s for sure: they are one of the country’s most popular buffet restaurants right now.

The #1 reason for Golden Corral’s popularity is its unbeatable value proposition.

Offering an all-you-can-eat buffet experience for just $11 to $17 per person, Golden Corral services delivers an exceptional bang for your buck that’s hard to match anywhere else.

Cheapest Time to Eat at Golden Corral

The allure of Golden Corral extends beyond its affordability—it’s also about convenience. With late opening hours, the buffet remains open well into the evening, ensuring that hungry diners can satisfy their cravings at any time of the day or night.

But it’s not just about the buffet price and convenience Golden Corral offers a dining experience that’s second to none – it offers satisfying entrees, premium cuts of meat, fresh salads, delicious sides, and mouthwatering desserts. Indeed, the buffet boasts a wide variety of options to please every palate.

I’m guessing at this point you are 100% convinced Golden Corral is worth visiting. But wait, you still want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and would like to know when’s the cheapest time to eat at Golden Corral, am I right?

Well, the good news is, this post has the answers you seek.

The Best Time to Eat at Golden Corral If You Want to Save Money

You’ve probably heard the saying, “timing is everything,” and it holds true not just in life’s big moments, but also in everyday situations like hmm going to Golden Corral.

Believe it or not, the time you choose to sit down for a meal can impact what you pay at this restaurant.

Restaurants like Golden Corral offer discounts for dining during specific hours, meaning you can enjoy the same delicious food for less money just by choosing the right time to dine.

Cheapest Time to Eat at Golden Corral 2

At Golden Corral, the dinner buffet for adults typically costs $16.99. However, here’s where timing comes into play: dinner prices don’t kick in until 4:00 PM (except on Sundays when the dinner rate starts at 11:00 AM). That means if you visit Golden Corral between 10:45 AM and 4 PM on weekdays or between 11 AM and 4 PM on Saturdays, you’ll pay only $11.49—the lunchtime price for the full buffet.

While the lunch and dinner menus may have a few differences, many of the main dishes, sides, and desserts are available throughout the day. So why pay more when you can enjoy a good buffet meal for $5 less?

Why the Lunch Buffet is Cheaper than the Dinner Buffet

When it comes to dining out, there’s a well-established tradition in America: lunch tends to come with a more budget-friendly price tag compared to dinner. The economics of cheaper lunches can be attributed to a combination of factors:

Shorter Time Spent Dining at Lunch

Lunch outings are often shorter affairs, with diners looking to grab a quick bite during their break or lunch hour. Restaurants capitalize on this by maximizing their capacity to serve more customer within a limited timeframe. In essence, the price you pay for lunch not only covers the cost of food but also reflects the restaurant’s ability to accommodate a higher turnover of patrons during the bustling midday rush.

Portion Control

Traditionally, dinner is associated with larger portions and more elaborate meals, which may partially explain the pricing disparity between lunch and dinner at conventional sit-down restaurants.

cheapest time Golden Corral

Simplified Offerings

Lunch buffets typically feature a more streamlined selection of dishes compared to their evening counterparts. By simplifying their lunch menus at golden corral restaurants can manage costs more effectively, allowing them to offer lower-priced lunch options while still turning a profit.

Market Dynamics at Play

Most diners are willing to pay a premium for the experience of dining out in the evening, viewing dinner as a special occasion or an opportunity to indulge in a leisurely meal. On the other hand, lunch is often seen as a utilitarian meal—a quick refueling stop during the workday—leading to lower price expectations among consumers.

More Ways to Save Money When Eating at Golden Corral

Aside from timing your visit at lunch time (or between 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays and Saturdays, and perhaps avoiding them on Sundays (if that’s possible!), there are other ways you can eat at GC for less than what you’d normally pay.

1. Eat two meals for the price of one. That’s right, you can time your visit in such a way that you can eat both your lunch and dinner all at once. For example, instead of eating your lunch at 11:30 AM and dinner at 7:00 PM why not just eat a long, leisurely meal from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM instead?

2. Regularly check Golden Corral’s website and social media pages for any ongoing promotions. Every once in a while they may offer discounts and deals like Kids Eat for Free or Free Beverages with your meal. Imagine the savings you’ll get especially if you’re a big family.

3. You can also consider dining with a large group. GC may offer discounts or free buffet meals for large groups however keep in mind this offer varies by location. It’s best to check with your local Golden Corral if they have discounts or deals for large groups dining together.

4. Take advantage of Golden Corral coupons. These money-saving gems can be easily found online or even on the Golden Corral website itself. Keep an eye out for exclusive deals and discounts that allow you to indulge in the buffet or sample the restaurant’s best offerings at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Avail of senior discounts, if applicable. Individuals who are 60 and above can enjoy substantial savings on meals and drinks between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM., with prices as low as $10.99. Simply flash your senior card during your visit and enjoy the perks.

6. Join the Good as Gold Club. Not only will you receive a special welcome surprise upon signing up, but you’ll also enjoy exclusive perks like birthday gifts, free beverage and access to the latest news and menu updates.

I hope you got some helpful tips and insights from this article that you can use the next time you visit Golden Corral. If you are looking for other inexpensive buffet options, America’s Incredible Pizza Company, Chuck-A-Rama and Sizzler are high up on this list put together by Mashed.com.

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