Golden Corral Senior Early Bird Special: Prices & Hours

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Go to any diner near a retirement community in Florida around 4:00 PM and chances are you might find yourself struggling to secure a table. This is because around this time, senior citizens flock in with one goal in mind: to take advantage of the restaurant’s early bird special. It may come as a surprise but the term “early bird special” has deeper roots than you think.

Language expert Barry Popik says the first documented use of the term dates back to a July 1904 advertisement in the now-defunct Morning Oregonian. The ad wasn’t related to food but rather touted a special sale on “men’s summer underwear” at a Portland department store.

The following table is for Golden Corral early bird specials:


Seniors (60 & Over)


Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11am)$12.49*

Lunch – Beverage Not Included

Monday – Friday (10:45 – 4pm)$10.99*
Saturday (After 11am)$10.99*

Senior Dinner

Beverage Not Included

Monday – Saturday (After 4pm)$15.99*
Sunday (After 11am)$15.99*

Senior Earlybird Specials

Includes Beverage

Monday – Friday (11am – 3pm)$9.99*

The idea of “early bird specials” gained traction in the 1930s with special sales held during the initial hours after a store’s opening. Eventually, restaurants adopted the concept, promoting “early bird breakfasts” in the 1920s and expanding to dinners by the 1950s.

It became even more popular between 1980 and 1990, coinciding with its association with elderly patrons, particularly in Florida.

But while the concept may be very popular in the Sunshine State, many restaurants in the country have also adopted it. One in particular is Golden Corral.

Golden Corral Seniors Early Bird Specials

Golden Corral’s Senior Early Bird Special

Golden Corral, one of the biggest names in all-you-can-eat buffets in the US offers the Senior Early Bird Special to the delight of men and women 60 years old and above.

Golden Corral Seniors

Basically, if you’re a senior, you can get a discounted rate on their lunch buffet plus a free drink.

The price varies depending on your location but here are some figures to give you a general idea:

Senior Early Bird Special Price: $9.99

Basically you must be at least 60 years old to avail of this offer and go there between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Mondays to Fridays.

However, as mentioned, the price is not the same for all locations. Some can be as low as $8.99 while others charge $12.99. It all depends on what the restaurant’s regular rate is – you’ll get a few dollars off their regular price.

Moreover, some locations have different time slots for the senior early bird rate. For example, MI locations start their early bird rate at 11:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM.

Does Golden Corral Offer Other Discounts for Seniors?

I’ve made inquiries to a few GC locations and here’s what I’ve uncovered. Take note that buffet pricing and timings might differ from place to place:

10% Off

For diners aged 60 and above, Golden Corral extends a warm welcome with a 10% discount on any full order, every day of the week.

Daily $1 Savings

Seniors can have daily savings of $1 off a regular adult buffet meal.

Weekend Feasts

Saturdays and Sundays become even more delightful for seniors with breakfast starting at $12.49, lunch at $10.99, and dinner at $15.99.

Some Golden Corral restaurants may also have their own promotions and deals geared towards seniors so it does help to contact them directly or check their social media pages.

Other Popular Restaurants Offering Early Bird Specials

If you’re looking for other dining options that also have discounted deals for seniors, here are some of our recommendations. Do keep in mind that their offers may not be available for all locations.

Golden Corral Seniors Early Bird Specials


Swing by Houlihan’s between 3 PM and 5:30 PM on weekdays and dive into a delightful selection starting at just $14.99. With options ranging from soups to salads and mouth-watering desserts, there’s something to please every palate. Plus, don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy add-ons like fillet mignon, BBQ ribs, and grilled salmon for just a dollar or two extra.

Chart House

Indulge in their Early Dining menu available Thursday through Sunday from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Sink your teeth into dishes like herb-crusted salmon and slow-roasted prime rib, complete with starters like classic Caesar salads and desserts like crème brûlée.

Spaghetti Warehouse

If you’re 65 or older and a rewards member, enjoy a delightful 15% off your food and non-alcoholic beverages between 3 PM and 5 PM daily at Spaghetti Warehouse. And that’s not all—receive a free appetizer as a thank you for joining, along with a complimentary birthday meal.

Western Sizzlin

At Western Sizzlin, seniors can enjoy the buffet with a drink for just a few dollars during select hours. Enjoy savory sirloins and delectable desserts at a good price!

Olive Garden

Olive Garden’s Early Dinner Duos is available Monday through Thursday from 3 PM to 5 PM. For just $8.99, pair a soup or salad with your favorite entree, accompanied by endless breadsticks.

Piccadilly Restaurant

At Piccadilly Restaurant, seniors aged 55 and above can enjoy exclusive discounts with the “Prime Time for Seniors” card. With 10% off meals ordered between 2 PM and 5 PM from Monday to Saturday, it’s a wallet-friendly way to savor their mouth-watering offerings.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse’s early bird offer for seniors is available Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM. With this deal, their all-time favorites like sirloin steak, country fried chicken, and grilled pork chops are available at budget friendly prices.

Golden Corral Deals

Is the Golden Corral Buffet Worth It?

I’ve found many online reviews for Golden Corral. Let me share the ones written by seniors:


Loveland, Colorado

Senior Late Lunch on weekdays

We tried the Senior late lunch option: 2 to 4 pm on weekdays, it is a screaming deal for those over 60. Slow period, lots of empty spaces, and also difficult to get the attention of the kitchen workers who now must dish out the food. They’ll either give you more than you want or less. Masked waitress was unenthused about getting us our drinks, and spent a lot of time schmoozing with the folks at other tables. Still — a great deal for all you can eat, even if some of the spots are empty; desserts are individually plated and ice cream is dished out by the kitchen staff. I was annoyed at having to stand and stare at the oblivious staffers. They’re trying to prep for dinner service in the back, rather than being visible, so you may need to clear your throat

Sheila H

The Villages, Florida

Senior Discount 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

This location is clean and has friendly staff. I like to visit during senior discount hours. Great value. Best pot roast around.


Always A Treat To Eat At The Corral!!

I have been to both Golden Corral’s in Las Vegas. The food is always good and fresh. Clean restaurant and fast servers. When food is gone it is quickly replaced with a fresh batch of food. This is great for people on budgets and Seniors.


Not a good experience

After weeks of seeing the tv commercials we decided to give it a try; The first thing we saw was a sign advertising the senior early bird that ends at 4:00pm. Nothing about that on the commercial. Were told it was about a third less. Not a happy welcome. The cashier asked if we wanted drinks. Seems beverages are not included in the price. We were told the only diet pop was Pepsi; no Coke. Things getting worse. We were given a cash register receipt and left on our own to find a table. When we did, a waitress grabbed it out of my hand. I was looking forward to the prime rib that looked good on tv. Oops. They only have it on Friday and Saturday. Don’t remember if they tell you that in the commercial. The plates are melmac and the utensils are tinny. Opted for the sirloin steak. Meat was very stringy. Tasted like cheap meat loaded with tenderizer. Couldn’t finish it. Corn on the cob was ice cold. Brussell sprouts had been over boiled. It was like eating in my old junior high school cafeteria. Some customers must like it. The place was full. Lots of little ones running around under foot and screaming. In a town full of buffets, we won’t be returning to this one.


Las Vegas, Nevada

My parents love this place and go to it at least once a week. My father is very picky and loves it. My mother loves the choices of salads. On a Saturday Night a 7:00 pm. Emma cleaned the only section that had room for 8. We didn’t have to wait 3 minutes to get the tables.

My whole family was pleased with the service and the quality of the food.

The place was busy the whole time we were there.

Emma was our server and she paid special attention to all of her tables. My father and sister asked for beverages too many times and Emma took care with class. We will be back.

In a Nutshell

For seniors, even a little discount can go a long way. If you want good food that won’t break the bank, take advantage of Golden Corral’s senior early bird discount.

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